DMCA Policies

The DMCA is a program of the Yale College Dean’s Office. Users of any DMCA resource including production equipment, lab facilities, and studio spaces must comply with all applicable laws, rules and guidelines of the center, and policies and conditions as outlined by university policy. These considerations include but are not limited to the areas outlined below.



Any rental and usage of equipment at the DMCA must be in compliance with all Undergraduate Regulations.

Student Insurance

We strongly recommend taking out insurance when borrowing equipment. Insurance is required for overseas travel and when borrowing advanced equipment. 

Acknowledgement / Credit Guidelines

When producing video content for an academic department, Art Gallery or Museum, or in the case of showing your film at a screening or festival that is not based at Yale University or academic in nature, we ask that you follow these guidelines for crediting the DMCA.

Yale Digital Media Center for the Arts Access Policy

Arts activities are a vital part of student life at Yale. In order to maintain equity in access to opportunities at the DMCA, this policy applies for students on leave or non affiliated individuals.

Special Training

The use of some rehearsal, printing, and filming venues at the DMCA require special permission and staff training:

  • Studio B at the DMCA is available for filming interviews, scenes, or musical performances by coming to the DMCA and reserving the studio at the front desk in the lobby. New users of Studio B are required to complete a brief training to learn how to use the film and lighting equipment.
Advanced Studios

Students using the advanced studios must read and abide by the extended use agreement.

Prop Weapon and Staged Combat Policy

Students wishing to use prop weapons on campus must abide by all the policies and protocols found in the Undergraduate Filmmaking Prop Weapon and Staged Combat Policy. If  prop weapon use is planned as part of a film production then a Film Prop Weapons Request needs to be submitted by the CPA deadline at the beginning of the semester in which the filming will occur. CPA deadlines are in January and September.  Exact deadlines are published here.

Rights and Clearance

All projects pursued at the DMCA must follow the center’s Rights and Clearance regulations.

If you need assistance with any of these forms please contact