The DMCA studios and labs are for classroom and general use by registered users. 

Labs and Classrooms

Graphics Labs

(Rooms 103 and 104 )

Mac Pro workstations, and variable assortments of Wacom Intuos digitizing tablets and Cintiq screens, flat bed scanners, and HD audio/video projection capability.  All DMCA labs maintain a common software image that features the full Adobe CC software suite, Autodesk Maya and Mudbox, Final Cut Pro X, Processing, Unity 3D, and various other tools for computer graphics and time-based media production.

Studio C  (Room 102)

3 Epson Sure Color wide format printers configured for the university Papercut system, Hasselblad Flextight film scanner, Epson flatbed scanners, perfect binder, ream cutter, and various other book binding equipment.

Studio B (Room 108)

Green screen production studio with lighting grid, video and audio recording equipment.  The space additionally features four private workspaces equipped with the DMCA software image, calibrated video monitors, sound monitors, and audio recording equipment.




DMCA equipment is available for Yale students, and may be borrowed via the campus web-based Reservations system. Borrowing terms are outlined in the Reservations system.  Equipment lending and return is available weekdays during the academic year, between the hours of 11am-6pm.  Limited scheduling exceptions apply during Yale College shopping period.  

Students may reserve equipment online at: The DMCA does not support phone or email bookings.  Retrieval and return times are noted at our equipment booth. Borrowed equipment is the responsibility of the borrower, and in some cases proof of insurance may be required. Late fees apply if equipment is returned past the agreed upon due date.

Available equipment includes: digital cinema and video cameras, DSLR cameras, lenses and accessories, microphones and stands, lighting kits, field audio (DAT) kits, and location audio kits.

Equipment lending is limited to actively enrolled Yale students.  Faculty and staff wishing to borrow equipment for curricular purposes may make arrangements through their teaching assistants.  Faculty and staff who hold regular courses at the DMCA may borrow equipment for demonstration purposes on a single-day basis, for the purposes of coursework.

Software Applications

The DMCA maintains an array of computer applications for animation, audio, drafting, game design, graphics, modeling, programming, video, word processing, and web authoring. All computers at the DMCA share the same software packages; network accessible storage is available to all DMCA users to quickly and conveniently move between labs.