Print Policies


  • Graphics Lab (104) printers are available during DMCA hours, except when classes are being conducted.
  • Class schedule times are available here.
  • Studio C (102) resources are available by appointment or are reserved for special project use.
  • All student print charges will be billed to your University Papercut account.
  • Special charging arrangements, including Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) awards, must be made prior to printing.
  • Users are responsible for all print jobs sent from their account. Please be sure to log-out after each session.
  • Print refunds are only granted when a printer has malfunctioned. Nozzle clogs will be treated as a printer malfunction, but successive failed print attempts to the same printer will not be excused. 
  • A refund must be requested within a week of a print failure by sending an email describing the problem, time, location and name of the failed job to
  • Please contact YPPS with refund requests that result from a software error immediately and include a screenshot of the issue.
  • Refunds will not be granted for user error or unexpected results.
  • Do not attempt to use materials that are not intended for an inkjet printer. Feeding inappropriate media may cause damage to the printer for which you will be held responsible.
  • Do not use spray adhesives or fixatifs anywhere in the DMCA facility.
  • Users who make use of scanners and printers at the DMCA are expected to abide by the regulations of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). Any violations of the Copyright Law using DMCA equipment are the responsibility of the user and are not the responsibility of Yale University. Please review Rights & Clearance regulations for more information.