Working at the DMCA

The DMCA works in collaboration with the Student Technology Collaborative Media Tech program.  Media Techs work in a hands-on capacity with DMCA equipment, advising users in operation, best practices, and creative recommendations.  If you are interested in working at the DMCA, please read below:


  • Assisting with equipment rentals and returns
  • Assisting users with printing
  • Assisting users in the graphics and video labs
  • Referring users to Digital Media Center for the Arts staff as needed

Skill Requirements

  • Familiarity with / interest in video and DSLR cameras
  • Familiarity with / interest in video editing and computer graphics software
  • Familiarity with / interest in lighting equipment
  • Familiarity with / interest in audio recording
  • Knack for creative problem solving
  • Strong customer service skills
Interested in becoming a Media Tech? Check out the Yale Student Technology Collaborative website.