The Digital Media Center for the Arts is an interdisciplinary arts research center that bridges diverse arts disciplines and fosters critical inquiry at the intersection of visual art, design, film, music/sound, performance, and computer science.  

Digital literacy—the ability to understand and think critically and creatively about digital media—is an essential competency in the 21st century. Since its founding in 1998, the Digital Media Center for the Arts has provided an environment that empowers students to communicate in digital media.  Through active engagement and hands-on learning, students explore the methods and tools of intermedia art production in order to comprehend, master, and challenge new modes of human communication.  Active processes of production enable students to understand the nature of digital media so that in any future endeavor, they are prepared to communicate effectively using the global language of our age. The Center serves Yale’s undergraduate, graduate, professional school students.


Regular DMCA hours are Monday through Friday, 9am-12am; Saturdays, 11am-12am; and Sundays, 11am-6pm, throughout the academic year. During Yale College shopping period, the center is open on a limited basis, Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm. The DMCA is closed on University holidays.  

The DMCA’s equipment booth is open Monday through Friday, from 11am-6pm during the academic year. During Yale College shopping period, the booth is open on a limited intermittent basis, or by appointment: dmca@yale.edu.  Equipment can be reserved online on our Reservations Site. View equipment rental policy. 

The DMCA will be open for October Recess, this includes the labs, studios and equipment loan resources.

The DMCA will be closed during Thanksgiving and Winter Recess.

For more information contact dmca@yale.edu


The center offers a wide array of programs, including classes, workshops, graduate fellowships, and student research groups.  Look to our Programs page for more information.


Faculty Director: Johannes DeYoung

Production Technician: Louisa de Cossy

Faculty Critic: Justin Berry

The DMCA is a program of the Office of the Associate Dean for the Arts in Yale College.